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eDiscovery Case Study

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A law firm whose client was involved in litigation over fraudulent misrepresentation and breach of fiduciary duty.

There were multi-million dollar claims against the law firm’s client. Loss of the case could negatively impact the potential future sale of this service firm. In addition, the law firm faced extremely tight deadlines and penalties if it failed to complete the review on time.

The project entailed data mapping, forensic collection, production protocol advising, document quality checking and review, management, processing, hosting, coordination and oversight.

Nexem Legal’s eDiscovery Services team worked with the client’s legal team to coordinate the identification of critical documents, mitigate risk, and minimize financial outlays related to a set containing millions of documents.

Nexem Legal worked around the clock for months and through targeted collections and the use of advanced analytic tools, the team gathered data from more than 50 electronic sources and reduced the volume of documents to be reviewed from more than 16 million to less than 900,000.

Our forensic professionals and project managers provided worked with the client so that proper, defensible and industry standard data collection methods were used. Our experienced project managers also worked around the clock to identify time frames, develop customized reports, manage quality control issues, coordinate staffing and technical resources, and participate in daily status reports.

The work performed by Nexem Legal allowed the client to meet critical deadlines and helped save millions in document review costs, according to the law firm.

By utilizing the e-discovery team Nexem Legal, the client was able to focus on the more strategic and substantive legal issues in the case.