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Document Review Case Study

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International Tobacco Corporation
Case Study – Experienced Review Team Assembled…beats litigation deadline by days.

In litigation regarding a complex business transaction matter, the client sought to show evidence of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. The case involved the discovery of documents held by more than 150 custodians in multiple countries. Both parties in the case were proactively seeking emails and other related electronically stored information from different locations.

The client called Nexem Legal’s data forensics group at 2 p.m., and within three hours, we had assembled a 25-member team of highly skilled project managers, lawyers and paralegals who specialized in electronic document organization and managed review. The team helped set up operations in our dedicated project space, where they worked, running real time searches and queries of the network based on terms established by the client, ultimately reviewing 4 terabytes of data. The team members had experience in managing, foldering and performing time sensitive document review, and they were proficient in the review tools being used. With a team of experienced project managers in place, we were able to assist the client with quality control and reporting, in addition to providing documents to support the client’s attorneys in their negotiations with opposing counsel.

Nexem Legal provided 25 document review professionals with expertise in the Relativity document review tool. The team was housed in Nexem’s secure project space.

Because the client provided data as it was gathered, Nexem Legal varied the team size based on the amount of data available for review. The flexible team approach reduced costs and created a more efficient review process. Ultimately, the team created an auditable process that would enable the law firm to defend its client’s actions.

What began as a forensics review and data collection quickly developed into a more complex managed review. The client was able to use the full suite of resources we provided, including, e-discovery consulting services and our highly skilled legal project professionals, proven technology solutions and an innovative managed review process.

Due to our fast response and the professionalism of Nexem Legal, the project was completed days ahead of schedule, resulting in a significant cost savings to the client. We also provided the project space and equipment, including individual laptops while working closely with the client resources throughout the review process.