Data Management

We take our clients’ goals and objectives and implement them in a technically and forensically sound way.


Nexem Legal has been providing an array of hosting platforms for clients since 2004.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff works daily with industry leading platforms such as Relativity and iCONECT and specializes in migrating data from one platform to another.  Nexem Legal always maintains the critical hardware, infrastructure and trained personnel necessary to support these platforms in an ultra-secure 24/7 hosted environment.

Collection & Preservation

There are two goals of any collections effort: to extract the data quickly in a defensible manner and to do so in a way that streamlines processing and review efficiencies later. Although many excel at the first goal, they can struggle with the second, as downstream implications from collections can be overlooked or misunderstood. Nexem’s Forensic Consulting service helps you achieve both outcomes, either in support of your in-house team or as a turn-key service.

Production of unstructured data is only as good as the team that processes them. Nexem’s Data Processing service is designed for corporations and law firms that require fast, accurate and complete metadata extraction, culling and deduplication. With over ten petabytes of data processed, we have the tools and best practices to process even the most complex data corpuses.  We use best-of-breed technology, augmented by our own innovative software, to process an array of nontraditional data types, including audio and multiparty chat transcripts. Nexem’s data processing service is supported by our consultative, experienced project management and operations teams and can be delivered across the globe in our dedicated centers or on premise at our client’s facilities.

Forensics & Analytics

Nexem is your go-to team when it comes to digital investigations and analytics. Our team has been forensically investigating and analyzing data for global brands and law firms since 2000.

Whether your data involves complex foreign languages, resides inside a custom application or database, desktop or server, or a portable device – Nexem helps you reach informed decisions in record speed.

Our clients engage us to sift through data to help them inspect, review, or produce data under specific instruction congruent with case strategy, which can include specific search terms, date limiters, authors, custodians, and similar qualifiers.

Uncovering the footprints in the snow is challenging. Reconstructing fragments of deleted data requires know-how. Finding the needle in the haystack is a possibility. At Nexem we’re proud to help transform tasks from daunting to easily achievable.

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